The demand for this class of insurance has risen rapidly over recent years as more clients realise the benefits of such cover. Basically there are four types of policy available in the market.

Vehicle Uninsured Loss Recovery – This cover will help take care of the costs that you incur through legal proceedings to recover uninsured losses or damages and compensation following an accident. Cover will only apply if the Insurers believe you have a reasonable prospect of success.

Family Legal Expense – Every year thousands of people become involved in disputes relating to personal injury, consumer disputes, home rights, personal taxation, employment and defence against criminal prosecution and identity fraud. This policy can provide cover for the legal costs incurred in pursuing an action. A help and assistance telephone line is also provided.

Commercial Legal Expense – Employers are most vulnerable than ever to claims that can cost thousands of pounds to administer (and much more to ignore) in the increasingly litigation minded society we live in. The encouragement to take action can be seen from a television advertisement, newspapers or even a legal agent in the street asking if you have suffered any accidents.

Legal costs and expenses in respect of :

  • Employment dispute protection including Compensation Awards and Service Occupancy
  • Legal Defense (including prosecution from the Health & Safety Executive)
  • Tax Investigation
  • Contractual dispute – protection in respect of the sale or purchase of goods or services
  • Property Protection and Bodily Injury including nuisance and trespass are covered by this policy and a 24/7 Helpline facilities are available together with an online Employment Manual.

Cover extends to include costs incurred at official investigations, inquiries and other proceedings instigated against the business of proper authorities in respect of employment discrimination and health and safety. Again an Employer Helpline is provided.